Sunday, January 29, 2017

LIDAR sensor on Workdesk Assistant (Arduino Nano)

I was excited when I saw that Adafruit got the VL53LOX LIDAR range sensor back in stock and immediately ordered 5 of them. I just received them and already they are sold out again. I can see why! This is a highly accurate range sensor using a laser to measure time-of-flight.

The sensor is very easy to install and set up. I did have issues using the Adafruit libraries so I used the Pololu libraries from GitHub. This library worked perfectly. Just hook up power (5 or 3.3) to the sensor and then the I2C connections (SCL and SDA) to your Arduino. There is example software in the Pololu library, just install that library into your Arduino IDE and select from examples.

The updated Workdesk Assistant sketch is updated to include LIDAR support.


  1. Just had to get them all didn't you. :) LOL

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